This Blog's Alexa Rank Is Up Substantially

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A few days back I realized this blog's Alexa rank is up substantially. Right now it stands at close to 200,000. Early this year, if I remember it right, it was closer to 2,000,000. Maybe it was 1.8 million. But it was definitely up and above the million mark. My two other blogs are still past the million mark, way past. How did this happen. I can take a guess. My guess is this blog went up in the ranks because it is this blog that I link to from my Twitter page, and as I have moved from 300 followers to more than 30,000 followers on Twitter, my Twitter page has gone up in value.When someone follows you on Twitter it is like they linked to your Twitter page from their Twitter page. That drives up the web value of your Twitter page. So a link to this blog from my Twitter page is a valuable link. Hopefully that translates into better rates for blog post ads.

Twitter Should Go For A Netscape-Like IPO

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