Rachel Sterne: CDO

A Mind Blowing Party

In Nepal where I grew up that would have meant Chief District Officer, one mean post back in the days of absolute monarchy. You did n-o-t want to ever get noticed by the CDO. Worst case scenario you might simply have disappeared. Some of the most politically vocal people did. They simply disappeared.

But maybe Rachel Sterne is not mean. And she is not even a District Officer. She is New York City's first ever Chief Digital Officer. Expect the greatest city in the world to get some digital pizazz.
NYC.gov Media: The Mayor's Office Of Media And Entertainment Announces The Hiring Of Rachel Sterne As New York City's First Chief Digital Officer: Sterne Will Make 90-Day Report with Recommendations on Enhancing the City's Digital Operations, Communications and Public-Private Partnerships ..... Sterne is tasked with helping to make NYC.gov more user-friendly, ensuring that agencies integrate social media opportunities and serving as an advocate for the digital media industry in New York City. ..... “The new Chief Digital Officer’s efforts will be integral to further leveraging the vast potential of the City’s independent and entrepreneurial tech communities.” ..... “My goal in this role is to help the world’s greatest city become the world’s most innovative city through online and mobile technologies that help citizens and enhance the quality of services.” ..... various ways in which
Image representing GroundReport as depicted in...Image via CrunchBase the City can enhance its digital footprint, streamline its existing social media mechanisms and explore public-private partnerships that the City could implement in the digital realm ...... Sterne is the founder of GroundReport, a pioneering civic journalism portal that enables citizens to report news through firsthand articles, videos and photos. With over 7,000 global reporters, GroundReport was the first to report on stories ranging from the Beijing Olympics to Iranian elections. ...... Sterne has spoken at over 100 conferences, universities and news outlets. In 2010, she was featured as one of Hewlett-Packard’s Top 15 Doers, a list which also included Thomas Friedman and James Cameron. In 2009 Sterne was named one of America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs by then BusinessWeek. ...... Upon taking up her responsibilities as Chief Digital Officer, Sterne has handed over leadership of GroundReport and Upward Strategy to other members of their staffs.
The Mayor has already been tweeting for years. Get the Mayor to tweet some more!
Rachel Sterne speaking at Vienna Conference.Image via Wikipedia
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