Social Graph, Social Concentric Circles

TechCrunch: Facebook Launches ‘Friendship Pages’ To Document Relationships With Your BFFs: the pages contain all public Wall posts and comments between you and a designated friend, photos in which you are both are tagged, events you’ve RSVP’d to together and more ..... I can imagine the network taking the feature and making centralized pages for families or romantic relationships
Social graph is not a term I came up with. Maybe social concentric circles is not a term I came up with either. But I have been using that term for over five years now. And I did not read it anywhere. I have been using the
line art example of concentric.Image via Wikipedia term longer than I have been using Facebook.

This is a step in the direction of social concentric circles. And Facebook has to go further and further in that direction. It has to create family pages. It has to create colleague pages.

My number one gripe with Facebook from day one has been, why can't you meet people on Facebook? There has to be a Hello Stranger button somewhere, I think.

Happy Birthday Amitabh Bachchan
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