The Browser Will Rule The Mobile Web As Well

HTML5 video iconImage via WikipediaApps are makeshift. It's like when the bridge collapses, the army puts in place a temporary suspension bridge until the bridge is rebuilt, or at least that is what I saw done in Nepal. Wireless broadband is not where it needs to be, which is everywhere. HTML5 is not here yet.

To say the apps are the future, and the web is dead - like a magazine said - is to suggest most traffic in future will flow along the county roads: not happening. You should not have to build one app for the iPhone, another for Android, a third for the iPad. You built one web app, and the app is smart enough to figure out if you are viewing it on a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. This blog, when you view it on a phone, looks different than when you check it out on the big screen web. The template readjusts itself. That is the future.

iPhone like apps will not go away. Heck, Steve Jobs is bringing them to Macs as well, and glory is to him. But apps are not the future, and apps are not going to be primary. They are a welcome addition to the ecosystem. They will stick around. But the turbocharging will happen inside the browser.

The browser will handle the phone calls as well.

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