Google, GroupOn: It's The G Factor

Marissa Mayer at LeWeb 2009 / Day 1Image by earcos via FlickrI am going to post a hypothesis. The hypothesis is that GroupOn always wanted to get bought, and it wanted to get bought by Google. From. Day. One. GroupOn plotted for this day to come before its inception.

Why do I say that?

GroupOn's name gives it away. Google has that G thing. The G thing has been going on for as long as Google has been around. Google is Google. Email became Gmail. The web became Gweb. Wait, it didn't? Wait some more.

There is Google Maps. There is Google Earth. There is Google Earth. There is Google Sky. There is the Ginbox. There was Google Wave. There is the Gbuzz.

The GroupOn founders saw a pattern there. And so they named their own company GroupOn. They made an appeal to Google's G appeal. Finally Google noticed. And Google came knocking on the door, just like the GroupOn founders thought might happen.

Zemanta messed up. They got the sound right, but Z is not G. Looks like that company was founded by some foreigner.

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