Google, GroupOn: Google Just Got Offline

Marissa MayerImage by ifindkarma via FlickrThis is Google getting offline. That is a big jump. I hear GroupOn has a salesforce. Google has not had that. This is Google now getting high touch. High tech is no longer enough. Online only is no longer enough.

Google went offline before it went into hardware. That's significant. A company like Google getting offline also shows how mainstream the web has become. The term In Real Life no longer applies. What do you mean in real life? The web is as real as it gets.

Local, social, mobile, global.

This is a fundamental shift on the part of Google. This is new territory, largely uncharted.
Wall Street Journal: Analysts on Groupon Deal: Google Upping Its Fight with Facebook?: Groupon could provide Google direct access to merchants around the world ... Google’s connection to millions of local businesses will accelerate Groupon’s growth .... The fight for local will be fought on many fronts .... Groupon will help Google in its battle for Web supremacy with Facebook ... lack of competitive barriers to Groupon’s model and questions about its sustainability..... GOOG’s rationale is much more strategic
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