Google Earth: A House Is A House Is A House

Image representing Google Earth as depicted in...Image via CrunchBaseGoogle Earth is just swell. When it first came out, I downloaded it right away. I saw the country I grew up in - Nepal - in ways I had never seen before. The Himalayas were so awesome to explore on Google Earth. I spun the globe in slow motion over large stretches of Russia. I was a kid in a candy shop.

Travel is like music, most people like it. I'd like to believe everyone likes it. But most people let the aspirations die early in life. They are like, I got kids and family, I got a job, I got. And so.

Children are born curious. And at some point they grow up and stop asking questions. I hope the knowledge economy will allow us to stay curious. I personally want a career that takes me across the world. I want to make money traveling and not as a travel blogger, although blog I will, that is a given.

Google Earth is downright fascinating. To those who say Google has lost its way I say look at Google Earth.

The promise of Google Earth is not that now you don't have to get off the couch no more. The promise is that now you can travel so much more, to so many more places. You can get those immersive experiences. And perhaps many more people will find that their travel buds have reawakened. Google Earth will encourage more travel, not less. Google Earth is about cross-cultural understandings. It is about world peace.
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To those who already have a thing for travel, Google Earth is about going many more places than you otherwise would, and going everywhere on Google Earth, and then picking on the best places that you must absolutely go to in person.

Google Earth is my idea of augmented reality. Bring the world to me. Take me to the world.


John Doerr and Mary Meeker Speak about their New Partnership In the dot com glory days, Mary Meeker was as famous as an analyst as Doerr was as a VC .... the stage the Internet is in right now .... the heady combination of the mobile innovation being built on the iPhone and Android platforms along with the surging billion-person-plus worldwide Internet audience. ..... the hire of Bing Gordon who did KP’s most brag-worthy Web deal with Zynga, then the iFund, then the sFund and now the addition of Meeker. ..... “This third wave of disruption of social and mobile has meant that digital investing
Image representing Mary Meeker as depicted in ...Image via CrunchBase has taken on a new prominence in Kleiner” ..... “Mary’s ability to spot the most important trends, evaluate-and-back the most effective entrepreneurs, predict the major pivots in the industry, and do it on a global basis has been unparalleled” ..... Meeker first dug into China in the early 2000s and was stunned by the deep cultural changes the Web was having in the massive country. “You could take the Internet enthusiasm that was happening in 1999 and 2000 here in the US, and in China it was three-to-five times more ebullient” ....... Meeker’s data-driven approach to championing new markets versus the Valley’s more common gut-feeling, intuitive approach. .... she has always been so forward looking

Netflix Continues To Save the Movie Industry, So Why Do Studios Continue To Hate It? the studios should be hugging Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, as tightly as book publishers should be hugging Jeff Bezos for creating the Kindle .... studio execs are not rational people .... while gladly taking billions of dollars from Netflix, the major studios are all investing heavily in designing their own streaming services .... Movie fans almost never shop by label, they shop by movie ..... and Netflix saves half a billion dollars in shipping costs a year, all of which can be channelled to licensing payments..... The only impediment I can think of is stubbornness: that studios are so delusional as to what happens when one makes it difficult for people with fast Internet connections to obtain media legally that they’re willing to drive their business off a cliff in the hope of success where publishers and music labels have failed.

Google Earth 6 Brings Integrated Street View And 3D Trees. Yes, Trees. 80 Million Of Them! Google Earth is getting so advanced that it’s getting dangerously close to looking like actual Earth .... version 4 brought the sky, and version 5 brought the oceans, now version 6 is bringing trees. Yes, trees. .... 3D models of over 50 different species of trees. And they’ve included over 80 million of them in various places around the world including Athens, Berlin, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo .... They’re also working with some conservation organizations to model threatened forests around the world. .... you can go all the way from space, right down to Street View seamlessly..... Google Earth 6 also makes it easier to discover and explore historical imagery

Why Thin Is In: Portable Has Never Been Portable, Until Now the confluence of power, usability, and cloud interconnection only just really meshed recently .... Devices that were once too underpowered to be useful – namely tablets and cellphones – are becoming true assets and because most work is now on the cloud, we can get away with only carrying a tablet to a sales meeting. .... the surprisingly usable new MacBook Air .... hese new devices will be superbly usable and amazingly light, which should make road-weary travelers much happier in 2011.

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