From 30,000 To 60,000 Hits A Month

Getting to 30,000 hits a month for this blog was hard. Going from there to 60,000 hits a month was pleasantly surprising, but I saw how it happened. And it took only a few weeks to get there. Now getting to 100,000 hits a month feels like totally doable. 3,000 hits a day? Of course I can do it.
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How do you do it?

You have to blog daily, every day of the month. Anything less and you are a hobbyist, not a hard core blogger. You have to blog through thick and thin. You have to love the idea. I, for one, am a compulsive blogger. Blogger is my favorite social media platform. It is not Facebook, it is not Twitter, although I love both. There is just something about that blank canvass when you sit down to put together a post. It feels like creating something meaningful. It is not just what you write, it is also what you link to, what photos you embed, what videos. And I get a kick out of the revenue streams. Every cent matters!

Once you do the blog daily thing long enough, you will start seeing patterns. You will see some of your posts are doing better than others. Google finds you your niche. You dig into that Google given niche and pour in more there. You grow traffic. Once you do enough of that, you can then create your own niche.

The niche Google gave me was - hold the applause - Brazil. Yes, Brazil. Google gave this tech blog a country. Right now my gameplan is to go deep into that niche. The way I tie Brazil into the theme of this blog is, I have a stealth mode microfinance startup - for profit, high tech - and Brazil is one of the major countries I will be going into. So I am learning as much as possible about that country, and I am sharing that learning.

Most of this blog's traffic comes from Google for now. This blog has not hit its social media sweet spot yet, it has not hit its daily visitors sweet spot yet. Those two will be major upswings in traffic.

They say at 10,000 hits a day you can hope to make a full time income from your blog. I wouldn't mind. I am not a blogger. I am a tech entrepreneur. But I h-a-v-e to blog.

Fred Wilson claims he could not do his work without his blog. Me neither. I need my blog.

Getting to 2500 followers on Twitter was hard for me. Moving from there to 46,000 feels like a blur. I don't remember too many details. I hope moving from 2,000 hits a day to 10,000 hits a day is a similar blur.

Getting to 1,000 felt mysterious. Moving to 10,000 feels like a matter of how many hours I can put into the effort. I already know how to get there.
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