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Image representing Boxee as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseA few days back I wrote about how I was not too excited about the idea of a social browser. It did not feel like a big shift. You can share stuff from your Chrome browser with a few add ons.

But then I was at the Boxee Box launch party last night - and they got a swell product - but then I kept thinking, what Boxee needs to be is a browser on your laptop, not a box that takes you to a big screen.

I have a browser bias: Mac App Store: Bullshit. But you perhaps need broadband speeds that are 100 times faster, that are wireless and hence ubiquitous, and cheaper for the browser bias to make much more sense.

Boxee focuses on video. And it focuses on the video content on the web. And it wants you to be able to view all that video content on the big screen. That would be your television set. With high definition and surround sound, it can be quite an experience.

Boxee got going before Apple TV and Google TV. It is curious Boxee did not get bought by one of the big companies. But then Boxee perhaps has the advantage that Wordpress has over Blogger. Blogger is tied to a big comapany, but since Wordpress focuses on one thing and one thing alone, it seems to be able to do more, it stays more agile. It moves more.

It is possible Boxee could stay more innovative than Google TV or Apple TV. But there sure is space for many players in the space. This is about the democratization of video content.

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