The Idea Of A Social Browser

Image representing RockMelt as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBaseIt's an idea but my hunch says - pun intended - this might not take off. This is like Maradona returning to World Cup Soccer and Argentina losing big earlier this past summer. There is a part of Marc Andreesen that feels that Netscape should have perhaps attained a Google like glory but did not because Microsoft played unfair. ("Life is unfair." -JFK)

What can you do with Rockmelt that you can't with a few plug ins in Chrome?

But I do appreciate the gang trying to integrate Google, Facebook, Twitter into the browser. Tighter. But Google is already pretty tight with Chrome.

At some point the slowness is nothing to do with technology, but because those human fingers will only move so fast.

I do want this new browser to grab at least 1% of the market, but I have a feeling they might find it hard to get there. I would love to be proven wrong.

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New York Times: Bill Campbell on Coaching RockMelt and Google vs. Apple Like much of his coaching, his role at RockMelt came by way of relationships, or as he called it, his ties to the “Netscape Mafia.” ..... (Mr. Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, in an interview with Fortune once described Mr. Campbell the following way: “His contribution to Google – it is literally not possible to overstate. He essentially architected the organizational structure.”) .... “the Android competition has changed the whole dynamic. I don’t want to be a burden to either company

Web Browsing Takes a Social Turn Silicon Valley is awash in tales of the “PayPal Mafia,” the tight-knit group of PayPal alumni who have helped one another start and finance a crop of new companies. .... “There is a ‘Netscape Mafia,’ too.” .... “We think it is a fantastic time to build a company around a browser,” said Marc Andreessen .... Although most people spend more time using their Web browser than any other program on their computers, most browsers have not kept up with the evolution of the Web into a social media hub .... a browser for the Facebook era. .... along the side of its main window are two thin rails with icons, one showing a user’s friends on the left, and another displaying a user’s favorite social sites, including Twitter and Facebook, on the right. ..... A “share” button makes it easy to post a Web page, a YouTube video or any other items, to Facebook, Twitter ..... users can update their status or keep tabs on their friends’ activities on any social network right on their main browser window. They can also easily add and remove friends, or chat with them, on the left-side rail. ..... “Had we known about Facebook and Twitter and Google back in ’92 or ’93, we would have built them into the browser,” Mr. Andreessen said.... plans to make money by earning a share of the revenue from Web searches conducted by its users.

Ars Technica: Hands on: RockMelt, a Chromium-based browser for social Web addicts you're always connected—digitally and mentally—to your Facebook and Twitter buddies no matter what you're doing on the Web. ... If you're not really a Facebook person, then this is definitely not the browser for you .... There are numerous browser extensions that allow "normal" browsers to do many of the same things, such as post links to Facebook/Twitter, check RSS feeds for your favorite sites, and more.... Even as a regular Twitter and Facebook user, I can see how such a thing would be distracting.

TechCrunch: A Pivotal Pivot By all measurements, the new picture sharing service, Instagram, is exploding. A week after their launch, they had 100,000 users. A week later: 200,000. A week after that: 300,000. And then they were made Apple’s App of the Week in the App Store.
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The Register: Shhh... Opera holds the web's most valuable secret Opera will soon overtake Google as the owner of the largest transaction farm on the web. It is the Opera mobile web cache.... Six years ago, two Opera engineers came up with a way of saving mobile operators money, by compressing web pages and sending them over slow, high-latency 2G cellular links in binary chunks. .... income comes from three streams: licensing and royalties in one stream, income from active users and transactions in another stream, and "internet economy" income such as driving referrals to search engines .... mobile networks pay to use Opera's server technology .... AdMarvel will swap out a Google advert for a rival ad network. .... . It's not a question of if, but when, the doors are blown off the keyword auctions. .... Today, Opera Mini offers users a blazing fast experience on the iPhone that makes the native built-in web browser - which is excellent - feel painful. .... I was hugely impressed with the patience and quiet, understated confidence of Opera on my visit. It reminded me of visiting Google 10 years ago, but without the self-conscious goofiness.

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