This Reminds Me Of The Web 3.0 Definition Fight

I Did My Part
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Google Wave Protest
Google Wave API Google Group: Stalinist Mindset

I thought I had done a good job of explaining here: Google Wave API Google Group: Got To Undo The Ban On Me. But I never thought I was indispensable to the group. Although vision is a specialty all its own. And just like every Tom, Dick and Harry feels like he is an expert on politics, people think great coders are by extension also great visionaries. Not true. Some are, but it is not by extension.

I think I have come to my conclusion: I Did My Part. I will have to do in the blogosphere what I was hoping to do through this Google Group.

I have a feeling a lot of glass is going to be broken in the fight on the 3.0 definition down the line. Google Wave is not my baby. But the 3.0 fight will be my own.

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