Marissa Mayer: Early Moves

The Google comparisons are irresistible to most, but I think she is just instilling best practices, several of which she learned at Google.

Yahoo still has more revenue than Facebook. A lot of people don't know that. It continues to be one of the top visited sites on the Internet. A lot of people never left.

Here's Everything Marissa Mayer Is Doing To Make Yahoo More Like Google
Borrowing from Google, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Begins Makeover
Product comes first. .... how to reverse the declining usage of the company's search and email service ..... wants to rewire Yahoo to develop or acquire Web services that take advantage of new "platforms" such as social networking, mobile devices, and technology that gives people information about their immediate surroundings, including local businesses. ..... ordered Yahoo's stock ticker removed from the home page of the company's internal website ..... she won't announce a strategic plan before she finishes reviewing Yahoo's businesses ..... Yahoo's $5 billion in annual revenue. ..... Yahoo's share price is up 2.7% since Ms. Mayer's appointment was announced .... Yahoo's board promised her she will have years to repair the company's core advertising business ..... Much of Yahoo's $20 billion market capitalization is tied to its investments in Asian Internet companies. ..... she wants to revamp the Yahoo Web-search service .... While email and search have struggled, Yahoo's media properties, such as Yahoo Sports, OMG! and Yahoo Finance, are growing. .... Mayer recently halted a plan by Mr. Levinsohn to potentially unload some of its advertising-technology assets ..... she is working to establish a connection with Yahoo's programmers by engaging in regular email discussions with software engineers who don't report to her .... She has asked to approve all company hires ..... has declared that Yahoo's cafeteria food would be free .... has instituted weekly "FYI" meetings—similar to Google's "TGIF" meetings ..... where people can ask her questions and where new hires are announced
I am immensely curious as to what she might do with Yahoo Search. I mean, search is kind of a central activity on the web. And Mayer taking Google head on will be some drama.

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