So Facebook Went IPO

Big deal. And I don't mean that in a sarcastic way. It really is a big deal.

GigaOm: Facebook just revealed its Kryptonite: mobile
GigaOm: Zynga & its Facebook Problem
New York Times: From Founders to Decorators, Facebook Riches
Jim Romensko: The Graphic Artist Who Is About To Become A Facebook Millionaire
Wired: Facebook’s ‘Letter from Zuckerberg’: The Annotated Version
Above The Crowd: Why Facebook Clearly Belongs In The 10X Revenue Club
AllThingsD: Zuckerberg Is the Billion-Share Man: Who Owns What, Who Makes What in the Facebook IPO
BusinessWeek: Zuckerberg Controlling 57% of Facebook Seen as Risk to Investors
Mark Zuckerberg: My Desk
Pando Daily: Mark Zuckerberg Loves It When A Plan Comes Together
Inside Facebook: The details: Facebook spent $68 million on acquisitions last year
ReadWriteWeb: Biggest Winners In Facebook's IPO
Mashable: Facebook IPO Reveals How It Made $3.71 Billion in 2011
Guardian: Facebook IPO sees Winklevoss twins heading for $300m fortune
Guardian: Facebook's letter from Mark Zuckerberg - full text

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