Shakira Or Hydroelectricity?

ShakiraCover of ShakiraSeveral months back I mentioned at this blog that I had been approached by a group in Kathmandu who wanted Shakira perform there. But they never really followed through. I think they considered her too big a ticket item and perhaps not affordable, or whatever.

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But recently I have been approached by another group that wants to build a six plus megawatt hydroelectric dam in Nepal north of Kathmandu pretty close to the Chinese border. This is a bigger, better deal than the Shakira deal might have been. And done right this could be the first of many deals. If you know investors who might be interested in hydroelectric dams in Nepal, let me know. This also allows me to be part of Nepal's economic revolution, its next challenge after the political revolution of a few years back.

Why do I mention this?

I blog profusely. But I don't want the label of a blogger, a writer. I am a consultant with a few different hats who happens to blog. Blogging is working out for the mind and I recommend it to everyone. I exercise regularly, but I don't want to be called a bodybuilder. I think everyone but everyone needs to exercise. The networking I have done so far in the NY tech ecosystem I could not have done if it were not for this blog.

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I am going to be a tech entrepreneur once the immigration gestapo in this fucking country finally lets me, but until then I consult. And it has been interesting. Primarily I do tech consulting. But I stay open to business opportunities otherwise. An entrepreneur is a jack of all trades who assembles masters in their specific fields. I be Jack.
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Nepal is second only to Brazil in terms of hydropotential. And it is a country mired in massive power cuts. And neighboring India growing at China like rates has a massive thirst for electricity.
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