Dennis Crowley: Role Model For Kids?

Dennis CrowleyImage by O'Reilly Conferences via FlickrYesterday Dennis Crowley was on stage at the New York Tech MeetUp. The last time I saw that guy on that stage, I remember not being impressed. (Dennis Crowley: I Underestimated Him)

This time he was on stage to brag. He said he had done "four" internships.

I am like, get out of town. Who does four internships? Is this guy serious?

A whole bunch of interns took over the stage and made some dance moves. I got to meet a few of them after the event was over. ("Which one of you is at FourSquare?") I was going to say, you should plant some firecrackers under Dennis Crowley's chair. Just don't light them. You will be okay.

This Is Not Happening: King Dennis
Craig Newmark, Dennis Crowley, Jennifer 8 Lee: Koreatown
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