Dennis Crowley: I Underestimated Him

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Dennis Crowley and his gang presented FourSquare at the New York Tech MeetUp many many months back. I was not that impressed. Actually the app felt cheesy to me. But now I can see why it is being touted as the next Twitter. I met Crowley at a recent New York Tech MeetUp and told him about my initial reaction and congratulated him on his recent buzz.

You have to notice Fred Wilson is an investor in both Twitter and FourSquare. That guy can sure see trends. He spots.(Fred Wilson) Google obviously was not able to see what Fred Wilson was able to.

Om Malik: Why I Love FourSquare

And it is not just Dennis, it is also Naveen. I talked to him after their first demo at the NYTM. 

People have asked this question: If Twitter came after Facebook, what will come after Twitter? There were comics who suggested we might end up with a service that allows for only 40 characters maybe.

Ends up it is not what you can say in 140 characters. Your current location is interesting enough information.


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