The PC Was A Category And Could Not Have Been Patented

"Leopard" Icons in BlackImage via WikipediaApple going after Samsung because, well, Samsung is also bringing smartphones and tablets into the market, is such hogwash. Henry Ford was not allowed to patent cars as a category. Steve Jobs himself was not allowed to patent the PC when it first came about.

The PC was/is a category. The smartphone is a category. The tablet is a category. Already Samsung smartphones are better than the Apple smartphone. If Samsung is merely copying why is it producing better devices?

There were digital music players before the iPod came along. But Steve Jobs might have laughed if he had been sued for bringing the iPod into the market.

Apple's envy is not the Samsung hardware. It is going after Android, the operating system, any which way it can.

Android Has To Be Kept Free
Henry Ford at twenty-five-years old in 1888.Image via WikipediaWorld War III Time: Let's Go To War
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