Google Is Not Fighting Back Hard Enough On Android

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This was not supposed to be. Now Samsung has also agreed to pay Microsoft extortion money. A PC equivalent of this bad behavior would be if Microsoft had managed to get money from Red Hat and other Linux companies. An Android equivalent would be if Microsoft had managed to get money from Baidu, a Chinese company that also has a mobile operating system out there. Baidu is not paying a dime.

Motorola Mobility is Google's shot at throwing Microsoft to the ground on this. If Motorola Mobility refuses to pay Microsoft money and wins, the other giants - HTC, Samsung - will also be able to follow suit. But Google is moving too slow with digesting Motorola Mobility. Software is Google's DNA. But the hardware part of the smartphone is important enough.

Done right this could be the Android decade. But for that to happen Android has to go back to being free. This is Google's number one challenge right now and for the foreseeable future.
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