Google Plus: Symmetry, Asymmetry: Both

Ashton KutcherImage by jdlasica via FlickrOn Facebook there is symmetry, we have to friend each other. On Twitter there is asymmetry. You could argue there is asymmetry also on Google Plus. So far I have not had to ask for anyone's permission before adding them to a circle.

But where Google Plus is different from Twitter is I can only add a total of 5,000 people to circles. On Twitter I follow and am followed by 45,000 people.

A million people might still add Ashton Kutcher to their circles, but Kutcher can not reciprocate. He can only add 5,000 people to his circles. And so the experience stays intimate for both Ashton Kutcher and his fans. His fans also have that 5,000 limitation. And so there is quality to that circling. Those fans can not add 50,000 people to their circles. That adds value to every time you get added to some circle.

But then people don't get to see what circle they got added to. You will know you got added by someone but you will not know which circle. That is a good thing. Someone you think is just an acquaintance might get offended you did not add them to your Best Friend Forever circle.

Google Plus has managed to achieve a remarkable balance between what is private and what is public. A lot of people have started using it like they might use Twitter. They like that there is no character limit.

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