Paul Graham Now Has Disqus Integration At His Blog

photo of Paul GrahamImage via WikipediaI took Paul Graham to task in this blog post for not having a place for people to leave comments at his blog. It is not even a proper blog, I said. I made it into a little bit of an East Coast, West Coast thing like the rappers do. Of course I like Paul Graham plenty. I was just playing along.

Top VC Bloggers: The Numbers Don't Look Right

So it was great to note Paul Graham now has Disqus integration at his blog. The next thing would be for him to start blogging daily. I would show up if he blogged daily.

Paul Graham: Y Combinator
Paul Graham: Disrupt
Greplin: The First Y Combinator Company To Get Me Excited
Paul Graham, Brad Feld, Me, BBC

I still think what Paul Graham has is a book, not a blog. It is not updated frequently enough to be called a blog.
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