Kevin Slavin Sold His Company To Zynga

Meeting Kevin Slavin: Tumblr's Brilliance

Kevin Slavin's - Area/Code co-Founder of Area/Code ..... Founded in 2005, Area/Code creates cross-media games and entertainment .... Area/Code builds on the landscape of pervasive technologies and overlapping media to create new kinds of entertainment. They have built mobile games with invisible characters that move through real-world spaces, online games synchronized to live television broadcasts, and videogames in which virtual sharks are controlled by real-world sharks with GPS receivers stapled to their fins. Their Facebook game “Parking Wars” served over 1 billion pages in 2008. ...... Before founding Area/Code, Slavin spent over 10 years in ad agencies including DDB, TBWA\Chiat\Day and SS+K, focused primarily on technology, networks, and community.

Kevin Slavin | LinkedIn Spent a decade or so in design, advertising and branding ..... a few years as a strategic planner...... With Frank Lantz, co-founded Area/Code Entertainment in 2005 (acquired by Zynga in Jan. 2011, becoming Zynga New York) ....... Between 2005 and 2011, Area/Code focused on cross-media entertainment and "games with computers in them." ..... Frank and I were named in 2008's "Creativity 50." ...... In 2008, I co-founded AFK with Ben Cerveny and Tod Kurt, focused on building platforms for spatial interaction. ...... In 2010, I co-founded Starling with Declan Caulfield (Fremantle) and Kenny Miller (MTV), building second-screen engagement with broadcast television. I lead product vision and development. ...... Together with Adam Greenfield, I developed the Urban Computing class at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. ..... I serve on advisory boards for a few small, ambitious, interesting companies ...... creative direction, business development, geolocative technology, urban computing, social television, advertising and marketing ....... Starling has soft-launched in Q1 2011

SEEDMAGAZINE.COM | Seed Design Series | Kevin Slavin: What is Reality? The co-founder of the cross-platform game maker, Area/Code, suggests, "The quickest way to find out what the boundaries of reality are is to figure where they break." Slavin and his team build video games to do precisely that: They create invisible characters that move through real-world spaces, synchronize online games with live television broadcasts, and attach GPS receivers to real-world sharks that control virtual ones.

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Kevin Slavin - Playing the City from The RSA on Vimeo.

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Kevin Slavin is a minor legend. The guy sold his company to Zynga a few months back. You might have heard of Zynga. He is on his way. I ...less than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply

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