Lost A Whole Bunch Of Blog Posts

Nope, it was way more than one.

And Blogger Is Back

The Mad Dash To Ubiquity
Two Models Better Than Five
Someone From Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Now Follows Me On Tumblr
Two Deaths: Coincidence

I just did a Google search on "paramendra the mad dash to ubiquity" hoping maybe the lost posts have been saved by Google in cache form. And all my other posts that were also lost showed up in the search results. This reminds me of the "balloon people" rant by Al Pacino in the movie Heat.

And now YouTube is down. What up, Google? Et tu? Google found out I was about to embed that clip from Heat.

Okay, got ya!

The Cloud Outage

All posts from Wednesday and Thursday are gone. Poof. Like magic. The only piece of good news is the blog still did about 1900 hits yesterday while it was in read only mode. That is a good number. Writing for Technorati and getting links to my blog from there has been a boost: Social/New Media: Blurry Lines.

And no, there is no cache. I guess Google is not real time.

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