The Mother Of All Twitter Lists

I follow too many people on Twitter - 45,000? - for my Twitter stream to make any sense to me. I will log in and before I click on the Mention button - the Twitter inbox - I will glance through the first few tweets in my steam, and sometimes I will find a snarky comment from someone - Having Coffee - that I will retweet and then I am done. That is not to say I don't want to follow people. I have gone to great lengths to build my lists on Twitter. I add people to my lists every day, most days.

But there are a few problems. Twitter allows you to create only 20 lists. I don't get it. Why is 20 such a magic number? Why not 30? Why not 40? Or 25?

And I want a composite list. There should be an automatically formed mother of all lists. That list should have people that are on all my various lists. That is me wishing I were not following 45,000 people. But 2009 was heady times.

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Andrew Powell said…
I definitely do a little bit of both. If I just want to broadcast the message, I'll hit the retweet button. If I want to comment on, or add to the conversation, I'll often preface an old-school RT with my thoughts. I think there's still a time and place for both.

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