The Possible Anatomy Of A Dumplings Crawl

Limit the number to 10. Only 10 people allowed. If there are more than 10 people, they can still go for a crawl, but it is going to have to be crawl number two.

Do it in Chinatown. That is a central location. People from all over the city can hope to participate. If it is going to be more than one group on the same day, coordinate such that no one restaurant is visited twice by all groups combined.

You show up and you pay for just one plate of dumplings. When one order is made, everyone gets to sample but one dumpling. And if it is less than 10 people to a group, two at most. You sample and it is off to the next location. So each person pays for one order each.

I love dumplings but I like staying in shape more. At the end of the crawl you each had just one plate of dumplings, two max.

There has to be one facilitator per group whose responsibility is to make sure everyone knows everyone else by the time the crawl is over. There are team building exercises you engage in.

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