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Journey Of Action

The venue was the Purpose offices. It is an impressive startup, Purpose is. It has grown organically in two years to become a 40 strong team. I got to meet the Australian founder, Jeremy Heimans. Actually I just shot him an email.

Ugh. Finally I got to meet Kassidy and Ryan in person. They look just like in this picture.

Ryan said he divides his time between New York City, Nashville, and Los Angeles. He has a daughter.

Having read up on them, having seen them in many videos, the people I found were the people I expected to find. It was exciting to meet them. And it was a great party. I think about 40 people might have showed up. I tried to talk to everybody. I might have missed out but a few.

There was an Indian guy - filmmaker - from California, who had been to Nepal, and had become friends with a few of my high school teachers. Small world. This other guy who was planning a trip to Nepal.

Apple Does Hardware In Asia

"You guys are inspiring. We will be following your Latin America trip as it happens. You will be in our thoughts," I said to both Kassidy and Ryna before I left.
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