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I showed up. On time. And I waited and waited and waited. This place was fancy. I took myself around. I was dressed in my usual black, only it was not a Brazil shirt with an overcoat on. It has been so nice these past few days. I was wearing a dress shirt. I am not much of a T shirt person. I like proper shirts. I like T shirts when they come with jackets.

I had some muchies they had at the bar. Then they brought a bowlful to my table itself. I finished one bowl. They brought another. I ordered a pineapple juice. I asked for a glass of water.

An hour passed. And I am thinking, is this Amy Cao pulling an April Fool on me on April 28th? This is Amy Cao. She just might do it.

But there were 30 RSVPs to the event. And I was pretty sure I was at the right venue. It was a 5-7 PM event. I figured people will get off work and show up around 6. At six Amy did show up but from an unexpected direction.
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"We are upstairs," she said.

It was a great gathering. I go to many tech events. And they tend to be feverish networking marathons. But FoodSpotting events tend to be much more relaxed, much more social. Business cards are not being exchanged. The pace is different. There are some regulars. Many new people show up.

I met a whole bunch of interesting people.

"Paramendra is not on FoodSpotting," Amy announced to about four people.

This is my phone, it does not take pictures. It is a prepaid phone. It is my solidarity act with the masses of the Global South. The most sophisticated feature on their phones is SMS.

"Okay Amy, I will get a smartphone just for you, just for FoodSpotting," I said.
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