9400 Workers In Six Years? Facebook Is Not Seeing Right

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Mercury News: Facebook's plans For Menlo Park HQ: 9,400 Workers In Next 6 Years: The fast-growing social networking company, which currently employs about 1,400 people in Palo Alto, expects to reach full capacity at the Sun campus and nearby buildings on Constitution Drive by 2017. ...... Menlo Park is inviting the public to suggest what environmental impacts should be studied. The deadline for comments is May 26.
You read about Facebook's new location, and you end up appreciating New York City so much more. You appreciate the subway, you appreciate the endless number and variety of bars and cafes in the city. You appreciate the whole damn package deal. NYC is the place to be. The banks imploded, and all of a sudden the tech sector in the city was flush with talent. By now there is even flush money.

Buses are better than cars, but trains beat buses hands down. Shuttle buses to work? What is that? You must not be in New York.

Facebook has 2,000 people. If they think they will add only 9,000 more people over the next six years, they are more optimistic about the mobile web than even I am, and I am optimistic. I think they are underestimating their growth.

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