How Many People Could Mubarak Kill?

The point is it is a finite number. There are only so many people Mubarak could kill. We did this in Nepal in 2006. The king of Nepal issued a shoot at sight order, and the people braved the bullets. About two dozen people were shot down before the regime collapsed.

There are only so many people Mubarak can kill. The brave people of Egypt have to not stop. This can be done. Democracy is not an American export. Liberty is an export of the human heart. It comes from inside. This is nothing to do with America.

You don't need no internet. You don't need no mobile phones. You don't need Twitter. All you need is air. You pack the energy into the air. All you have to do is be able to feel the ring of freedom. This is not about technology. This is about that which rings from every human heart. It comes from within.

We did this in Nepal in 2006. One third of the country poured out into the streets. The entire country was flat out shut down. It happened in the big cities, it happened in the remote villages. Women in some remote villages spontaneously came out into the streets banging pots and pans. No more cooking, no more cooking, they chanted. Nobody sent them a tweet. What happened was they breathed in the air. The revolution was in the air. They had always known deep inside their hearts that it is not true only women are supposed to cook. But they had not had the chance to bring that voice out. Finally they felt like they could, because freedom was ringing through the air.

Those women proved you don't need no technology, all you need is air. You have to pack the revolution into the air.

Next stop: Saudi Arabia.

Let Mubarak shoot and kill. How many will he kill? 100? 200? 500? It is a finite number. My guess is it will not cross the 100 mark. Let him kill. If he kills, he dies a Caecescu death himself. I will save my compassion for the tsunami victims.

All the rest of the world has to do is not betray the brave people of Egypt. The brave people of Egypt will do the hard work themselves.

Arab dictators are what stand in the way of genuine Middle East peace. No democracy, no peace.

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Lava Kafle said…
wonderful article connecting nepals state then and now Egypt as an example