Apple Is A Cultural Phenomenon

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Fortune: Apple's market cap tops $300 billion: Giving ExxonMobil a run for its money in the race to be the world's most valuable company ..... Apple has been the most valuable tech stock and the world's second most valuable publicly traded company -- after ExxonMobil (XOM) -- since it passed Microsoft (MSFT) last May.
It's astounding as to how far Steve Jobs has brought Apple in a dozen years or so. Apple could very well end up the world's most valuable company. That is just mind boggling.

The iPhone swept the scene. Before that it was the iPod. Wait, Steve first started with the Mac itself. Computers could actually be good looking. He did that. There was a Time or Newsweek cover I remember from years ago that said, iPod, therefore I am.

The iPad has created a whole new class in computing. And the Macbook Air has brought the price point to more achievable levels. The guy creates sleek.

People adore their iPhones like I have not seen pets adored.

And this guy is apparently not done yet. He sits on 50 billion dollars in raw cash that he calls dry powder. It is amazing what he has done. There is no telling what he will still do.

Apple crossing the 300 billion water mark is not Steve Jobs talking to the tech elite or the moneyed elite. This is the dude being able to talk to the masses of the world. It is admirable. If the world of tech has a Mozart, this guy is it.

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