Yahoo: Lord Of The Middle Kingdom

Or maybe Carol Bartz is the Sarah Palin of technology. The two coasts might not "get" Yahoo, but the heartland/hinterland loves it, she claims. And she has numbers to prove the tall claim.

Yahoo has not been on the bleeding edge for a long time now. And to think Yahoo could have bought Google for some millions early on, but refused. Jay-Z was also forced to start his own company. Now that guy is floating in half a billion dollars.

Yahoo looks unsexy when the talk is if it can ever again be number one in any category. But Yahoo looks just fine if it can be comfortable being number two. Yahoo's hundreds of millions of users have stayed stubborn. They have not left. They show no signs of leaving. If you are not a power user, what's the difference between Yahoo Mail and Gmail? Is the news different elsewhere? Like a cousin of mine said when I tried to get him on Gmail when Gmail first came out, "I don't need the extra space!"

"It's not about extra space, it is a different experience," I said. He still did not buy. He got onto Gmail much, much later.
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Yahoo could do a very good job of being number two.

The two last big things Yahoo did was put money into Alibaba and Yahoo Japan. Yahoo should have done more of those. I compare those moves to Google getting into smart cars and wind farms. Sometimes you have to think outside the box and invest in a far away country or a far away sector. Then you get to sit back and watch the money grow.

New York Times: Bits

Yahoo in Four Words: “Maybe it’s taken me two years, but I’ve got it,” she declared. “Content, communications, media and innovation.” .... “I think Yahoo has always stood for those words,” Ms. Bartz said. “It went off track a bit when people thought it was a search company.” She solved that problem. Yahoo recently handed over its search business to Microsoft .... “When you get 30 miles out of Silicon Valley and 60 miles out of New York, people know what Yahoo stands for” .... Asked about Google recently giving 10 percent raises to its employees, she responded that Yahoo’s workers would get a 15 percent raise. She then followed up with the punch line: “Not really”

Jerry Yang and David Filo, the founders of Yahoo!Image via WikipediaYahoo Adds Daily Deals In addition to Groupon, Yahoo has teamed with, Gilt City, Valpak and BloomSpot. Yahoo will share in the revenue with its partners from each purchase made by its users.

Yahoo Seeks News From Its Users In some cases, editors will ask for articles about particular topics, like first-hand accounts from the scene of a big political rally or shooting.... Users whose work is published will be paid based the amount of traffic their articles generate .... the example of the Virginia Tech shooting. Getting first-hand accounts from students on campus that day, he said, would have made a lot of sense.... “We’re interested in covering some things that we haven’t been able to cover, like high school sports”

A Palin Flub Becomes a ‘Word of the Year’

AOL Creates a Hub for E-Mail a new e-mail service that collects messages from other e-mail services in one place .... a unified Project Phoenix inbox .... If users do not want an address ending in, they can instead chose from a handful of other domains including, and AOL’s current e-mail service, which will remain in service while Project Phoenix is being tested, accounts for 45 percent of the Web portal’s page views.

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