Dogpatch Labs: Demystifying PR For Startups

So I was at this event earlier. Dogpatch Labs is an incubator. It is not that far from Union Square. Good thing because L is my line.

I have to do some out of the box thinking here. Why would you go to a cramped office when you can work from home? My hero Larry Ellison has a huge company - Oracle - and he is not a regular at the office. That is more along the lines of what I think.

So I am looking at the two Yipit guys, and Devindra Hardawar who I exchanged tweets with a few days back - he surprised me by saying he had seen me online before a few places - and, of course, Erica Swallow, the star person for the evening, the Mashable halo circling her head.

Devindra is an Indian from Guiyana. In case you have not noticed, my name is Paramendra. I grew up in Nepal. You face enormous ethnic prejudice in Nepal when you look Indian. The narrative of the prejudice ends up being you are not Nepali, you are Indian, and you fight that with all your might, but I am a Nepali. Ends up you are Indian after all. You come to America and you realize.

The take home lesson was all the panelists absolutely, totally hated press releases. I put out blog posts, not press releases, so I am doing okay. Check.

There was the panel talk, and an hour of questions and answers, then almost an hour of mingling. There were boxes and boxes of pizza. I had two slices before the event began. I think I overate. One would have been wise. I took water. Said no to beer. I have never been much of a drinker. Finally I think I have called beer's bluff. No more drinking.

Met some old faces. Met several new ones. Some people who had RSVPd did not show. Not that they owed me to show.

So I am headed to Paul's Chatfe happy hour Friday. You coming?

Chatfe Happy Hour
Friday, November 19th, from 6pm, at:
West 3rd Common
1 West 3rd Street
New York, NY

Wednesday, November 17th

6:30PM Demystifying PR for Startups: Identifying Your Target Message and Your Reporter

• James Moran and Vin Vacanti, Founders at Yipit: Featured in over a dozen publications like The New York Times, Wired Magazine and national TV
• Ben Kessler, Director of Communications at SeatGeek: Ben previously worked at LaunchSquad PR, a boutique agency that serviced top-notch tech startups like SeetGeek.
• Jordan Goldman, Founder at Unigo: Jordan is master of getting press and telling stories, with Uniqo covered in a New York Time's magazine expose and literally every other major outlet out there.
• Nick Saint, Reporter, Business Insider/SAI
• Erica Swallow, Assistant Editor, Mashable: Erica covers social media, small business and the latest trends for one of the largest blogs in the world.
• Devindra Hardawar, Lead Mobile Writer, VentureBeat
• Adam Isserlis, Director of Digital Media at Rubenstein Communications


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