Larry Ellison Cracks Me Up

Image representing Hewlett-Packard as depicted...Image via CrunchBaseReuters: Oracle enlists private eyes to find HP CEO
Oracle Corp has hired private investigators to track down Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker, believing testimony by the former SAP chief will help its efforts to claim about $4 billion in damages for software theft .... Oracle has subpoenaed Apotheker -- who began his job only last Monday -- but HP has refused to accept the subpoena, saying the U.S. software corporation is trying to harass him. .... their new chief, whose appointment surprised Wall Street and Silicon Valley ..... Oracle and Europe's top software maker are engaged in a legal battle that has transfixed Silicon Valley ...... Apotheker's lawyers at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher also 
Image representing SAP as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaserefused to accept the subpoena. If he is overseas, Oracle will be unable to serve him and have to await his arrival in California
I can see the point behind the lawsuit. SAP admitted guilt a long time ago. And I can see why Apothepo needs to be deposed. I guess I even see the point in hiring detectives. But it does get quite dramatic at that point. That hiring detectives part is signature Larry Ellison.

SAP grills Oracle as Apotheker absent from trial Larry Ellison testified that SAP's theft of its software cost his company $4 billion, doubling his previous estimate ..... Silicon Valley's richest man .... The normally brash, outspoken Ellison left the courtroom on Monday without speaking to reporters. ..... The two software companies, which together dominate the global market for software that helps businesses run more efficiently, are slugging it out in court .... a black mock-turtleneck and suit and using glasses at times to read documents .... One showed the jury an email from Oracle Chairman Jeff Henley stating that TomorrowNow was not a threat. .... "That's not what I believe. But that's what he said," Ellison told the packed courtroom. ... HP has declined to say whether Apotheker is working out of the company's Palo Alto, California, headquarters or one of its other offices scattered across the globe. ..... Ellison began his testimony by saying Oracle would come close to going out of business if his company's software was not protected by copyright laws. Oracle spends several billions of dollars a year on product development. .... "We'd have a hard time paying 100,000 employees," he told the jury of eight men and women. ....... Oracle could have charged SAP $4 billion to license the programs that were wrongfully downloaded, he said. ...... Ellison has claimed that TomorrowNow could have taken 20 percent to 30 percent of the customers for its PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards brands of business management software.
Image representing Oracle Corporation as depic...Image via CrunchBase
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