Larry Is Not Done Yet

Larry Elllison on stage.Image via WikipediaLarry Ellison is not done, if he is ever done.
Reuters: Oracle CEO claims can prove wrongdoing by new HP CEO: Hewlett-Packard Co's incoming CEO oversaw a scheme to steal Oracle's software by rival SAP AG..... Oracle seeking some $2 billion in damages ..... Then HP hired SAP's former CEO, Leo Apotheker, to replace Hurd and named former Oracle COO Ray Lane as its chairman. ..... Ellison said in a statement that Oracle intends to subpoena Apotheker, but it could not do so because the executive has been living outside the jurisdiction of the San Francisco area court that will try the case..... Apotheker is due to start work on Monday at HP ..... "A few weeks ago I accused HP's new CEO, Leo Apotheker, of overseeing an industrial espionage scheme centering on the repeated theft of massive amounts of Oracle's software. A major portion of this theft occurred while Mr. Apotheker was CEO of SAP," Ellison said .... "HP's Chairman, Ray Lane, immediately came to Mr. Apotheker's defense by writing a letter stating, 'Oracle has been litigating this case for years and has never offered any evidence that Mr. Apotheker was involved.' Well, that's what we are planning to do during the trial that starts next Monday."
This is about the fact that Larry went ahead and bought Sun. If Steve Jobs was going to do hardware, Larry was also going to do hardware. And money was cheap, thanks to the Feds, so Larry bought and bought and bought. But there is only so much innovating you can do in the hardware space. You can. But you can't vanquish your rivals simply by innovating. And hence the human drama.

This is about getting HP down to its knees. It might take a few years. And Larry is loving every minute of it. This guy will get into fights for no reason other than he likes getting into fights. But if there is money to be made in the process, that is toxic to the other side. He still has the attitude that HP is trying to steal grains of rice from his children's mouth. That's a fighter. That's a samurai. That's my man Larry Ellison.

Or maybe this is about theft. Larry did not like being stolen from.

I'd love for someone like Larry Ellison to say, here, I am buying 1% of your company for 100K.
Forbes: Advantage, Mark Hurd: Oracle’s Future is the Story: Hurd has already made a decisive impact at Oracle by focusing on sales force productivity and execution..... Hurd’s “biggest priority is fixing the disconnect between Oracle’s sales and consulting services.” ..... the focus at Oracle is on the future. ..... Meanwhile, Hewlett-Packard still seems to be looking backward. ..... HP’s board ... has been characterized as “dysfunctional” by no less a personage than Jack Welch. ..... the best response to an attack is to disseminate a largely unrelated positive story line – and to flood the zone, as it were, with that message ...... Richard Nixon, for example, took personal attacks personally. Abraham Lincoln did not.
Wall Street Journal: Ellison, H-P Spar Over Apotheker’s Role in SAP Trial: “I don’t think Ray Lane wants to risk Leo Apotheker testifying under oath as to why he allowed the theft of Oracle property to continue for 8 months after he was made sole CEO of SAP. I hope I’m wrong, but my guess,” he added, is that Lane will keep Apotheker “far far away from the Courthouse until this trial is over.”

The Last Samurai
The Last Samurai: The Last Scene

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