If You Could Take Your Data Center With You

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TechCrunch: Facebook To Build Its Second Data Center To The Tune Of $450 Million: Apple is building a $1 billion facility that’s expected to be finished this year. Google and IBM also have data centers in the state.
During the first dot com boom, people bought servers. And then Amazon web services killed the idea. You don't need to buy servers, we got them, they said, a ton of them. But now companies like Facebook that are not in the data center business end up with these huge, humongous huge data centers.

Larry Ellison plus eating up of Sun plus nanotechnology equals data centers that are the size of servers. At that point anyone could launch a company the size of Facebook is today, just like anyone can launch a web company today. You simply log into where your servers are, which are in Seattle, I am telling you on a need to know basis.

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