Ping On Twitter Is A Few Tech StartUp Ideas

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TechCrunch: iTunes Ping Actually Goes Social With Full Twitter Integration; Careful, It Will Auto-Tweet: not only will each tweet contain a link back to the song or album on iTunes, but these links will work in New Twitter’s right-side pane. You’ll be able to listen to iTunes previews right from there — a huge feature that should lead to a lot of music buying, especially when the 90-second previews kick-in.
90 seconds is a lot of music. We live in the era of good enough. Perhaps Apple is lucky the Facebook Connect thing did not quite pan out for them. This is a better deal. And now everybody and their cousin will be tweeting everything they have in their private domains.

I can think of at least 10 tech startup ideas that could be spawned from this leakage of music from Apple property on to the Twitterverse. Just like the web became social these past few years, Twitter is about to get a whole lot musical.

I want Steve Jobs to bully the movie people into producing movie trailers that are 10 minutes long. I think Steve Jobs could do it if he put his mind to it. I have long suspected Steve Jobs has a Jedi mind.

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