I Do Want A Wicked Fast Web

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CNet: Chrome could preload pages for 'wicked-fast' Web: Google has begun work on a feature to let Chrome load pages before they're needed, the latest instance of the company's relentless focus on Web performance..... scheduled to arrive in the browser's code base in February .... When a person clicks on a preloaded Web page, the browser could simply activate the page rather than load it..... Google has many other fast-Web projects under way, including a technology called False Start to speed encrypted Web pages, rewiring Web server communications with the SPDY protocol, support for the WebP image format as an alternative to JPEG, and switching to the libjpeg-turbo library for when JPEG images need to be drawn.
Maybe Google is a software company and it is coming from a coding angle, but the road to the wicked fast web I would like to travel is one where competition is introduced into the broadband sector and prices come down, speeds go up, like in some other countries. It is one of those People-People-Rise issues.
Throw your business phone away, Google Voice is now enterprise murmurs that Google will soon support number-porting so that users can pull business lines/personal lines into Google Voice as well .... The next step for Google Voice is mobile VoIP, which will effectively shake up the wireless telco business. Android chief Andy Rubin said G
Image representing Google Voice as depicted in...Image via CrunchBaseoogle was hesitant to mess with the business of their carrier partners by introducing Voice VoIP on Android
Google needs to go ahead and do the Voice VOIP On Android thing.

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