Google Needs To Reinvent Gmail

Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseI have heard this over and over again over months from many, many people. Gmail has slowed down to a trickle. Email continues to be a massively popular program. Google might have tackled the web over a decade ago, but no one has been able to tackle the inbox. The inbox is ripe territory.
TechCrunch: Hey Gmail, 1994 Called, It Wants Its Dial-Up Level Performance Back
TechCrunch is a blog that mostly talks about which startup got funded. But today it has been talking about the slowness of Gmail. Fast is a good reason to be in news, not slow. Slow is no good.

Instead of suffering from the Facebook social envy, and bungling both Wave and Buzz, maybe Google should just hunker down and get Gmail right.

One thing Yahoo Mail has that Gmail does not which I wish it also had is, with Yahoo Mail, you click on "Sender" at the top and all emails in the inbox get organized by sender. I use that to easily delete all my unwanted emails, which ends up being more than 99% of the emails that I get at my Yahoo address.

Gmail was launched with the premise that you should never have to delete any email. You have no idea. There are so many of my emails I do want to delete. I am not one of those who complain and never get off the butt to do something himself. I figure if I can delete many of my emails, and keep things light, maybe my Gmail speed will beat yours.

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