Checking In, Tweeting, Spotting, Updating

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TechCrunch: Begun, The Sticker Wars Have: Right now, many people (probably most people) have no idea what a check-in is. When Gap launched its free jeans deal, people were actually visiting the company’s Facebook Page to write “checking in“, rather than using the Places function on Facebook’s mobile application.
That would be like someone sent you an email that was 140 characters or less, say over Gmail, and claimed they just sent you a tweet. Emails with such discipline would be nice to read, but are they tweets?
What if someone snapped a picture of their meal at a restaurant with a camera that is about 20 times bulkier than an iPhone and took the trouble to download it on their computers, then upload it to send it to you and 20 other friends over email? Is that food spotting?

Email could also be used for status updates. Who knew? Gmail actually has that feature, and I know of at least one person whose updates are their Gchat status. Checking in?

This is a diverse world.
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