September NY Tech MeetUp Needs To Feature Reshma Saujani

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I have an email from Nate Westheimer from two days ago and I don't see any mention of the Reshma Saujani name anywhere. This is so lame. Nate can do better than this. There have been times before when someone who was not listed as a speaker spoke. I hope this is one of those instances.

Reshma Saujani: Innovation, Ethnic Pride, Thought Leadership
AnyClip Is Live Now Second Thoughts More Thoughts

One of the founders of the NY Tech MeetUp Dawn Barber first came up with the idea that Reshma Saujani should speak for five minutes at the September NY Tech MeetUp. That was back in June.

Reshma 2010: New Office: Party: June 21 Monday
Maloney's Idiotic Debate Non Stand Can Be Countered Through Use Of Social Media

Why would Reshma speak at a NY Tech MeetUp? It is about tech and it is about gender. Reshma Saujani is the national candidate to the tech sector.

Reshma Saujani "Gets" Tech
Reshma Saujani, Scott Heiferman, Chris Hughes: TechCrunch Disrupt
Reshma Saujani: South Asian Powerhouse, National Candidate To The Tech Sector
Reshma 2010 Clean Tech Event July 27 Tuesday
A Clean Tech Experience

This is about the New York tech scene refusing to play second fiddle forever. This is about the NY tech scene getting a voice of its own in Washington DC.

NY1, NY1, NY1, NY1, NY1

This is also about gender, a raging topic in tech these past few weeks.

Aliza Sherman Takes Mike Arrington To Task
Women In Tech: The Debate Rages On
Gender Talks
FoodSpotting Is The Next FourSquare
Mike Arrington Is A Sexist Pig: Say PeeeeG!
Tech, Women, Diversity
September 14 Will Birth The New Woman

Nate Westheimer to newtech-1-anno.
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Hey Meetupsters!

Next WEDNESDAY, September 8th, connect with 850 fellow technologists at the beautiful NYU Skirball Center for another evening of non-stop startup thrills.

RSVP now-- this is going to be big!

We've got an unbeatable lineup of talent for you --
Propercloth, Grovo, MeetMoi, Nearsay, Apture, JIBE, and an exclusive demonstration of Google Goggles! (More TBA)

Get your RSVP: we'd love to see you!

The NYTM is produced in partnership with the NYU Stern Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Also, thanks as always to our sponsors, DFJ Gotham and Wilson Sonsini who help make NYTM possible (with your support too!).

See you soon,

Nate and Brandon
NY Tech Meetup

P.S. If you can't make the event, you can watch live (and again after the curtain drops!) -- thanks to our partnership with Livestream -- at!

P.P.S. Anyone looking to launch a tech startup should check out the Founder Institute - an entrepreneur training program that doesn't even require you to quit your day job. The Fall NYC Semester is accepting applications until this Friday, Sept. 3.

P.P.P.S. We're really bummed about the scheduling conflict with Rosh Hashanah and have posted a full response on the NYTM Meetup page.

Learn more about our venue:

Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
New York University
566 LaGuardia Place (at Washington Square South) / 212.992.8484

To visit NY Tech Meetup, go here:
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