Mobile Web: For Real

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A few days ago Fred Wilson linked to a blog post of mine, and now TechCrunch has linked to that blog post by Fred Wilson.

If you know Fred Wilson, and if you know TechCrunch, this is a good thing.

There is a clear distinction between the mobile web and the big screen web. Some people don't think there is. Them you get to ask, where have you been these past few years?
TechCrunch: The Real Social Network: Your Mobile Contacts: the best indicator of who I actually interact with socially the most in real life are the calls I make and the texts I send — it’s all mobile interaction. ...... location is the bridge between social networks and actual social life
I have talked about location and more specifically FourSquare many times at this blog. All you have to do is conduct a search in this blog's search box to find out.

Mobile web is for real. Location is key. Location is the starting point to the mobile web experience. And that is why a company like FourSquare will beat companies for whom location is not the starting point of the experience.

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