Is The Mobile Web In A Category Of Its Own?

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To me the answer is obvious. Of course the mobile web is a category of its own. Where have you been these past few years?

Twitter, FourSquare: Mobile Web Thingies

Fred Wilson responded to my blog post this morning. He declared we are in resonance.

Fred Wilson: Mobile First Web Second

John Battelle responded disagreeing with Fred.

John Battelle: It's All The Web

Of course it is all one web. But we are also all one humanity. Why do we talk of different cultures and heritages? Why do we talk of white and black and brown and yellow people? To acknowledge and respect and celebrate those various heritages is not to deny the wholeness of humanity.

I am in disbelief that John Battelle said what he said. Where has he been these past few years? The mobile web has so taken off. It is not possible he missed out on that.

The meme that the web is dead that has really taken off recently in some circles does not go well with me. I don't think iPhone apps are anywhere close to competing with the larger web. The iPhone apps enrichen the ecosystem, but they are a small subcategory.

Dead Web?

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