Dead Web?

I have been reading this phrase for a while now, the web is dead. I have not bothered to click so far. That phrase makes no sense. The web will never be dead, like never, never, never. But the phrase seems to be making the rounds just like the women in tech meme, and I just came across a post by Al Wenger on the topic off my blogroll. I decided to click on it to see what all the fuss was about.
Al Wenger: Another Take on the Web Is Dead: Limits to Decentralization: Much has been made of the potential shift of attention from the totally open web to more proprietary platforms on mobile devices...... Almost all the knowledge that is on Wikipedia also exists on the web at large distributed across millions of sites.....Small merchants could set up their own web sites rather easily these days and sell directly. So what is it that Amazon adds?
The iPhone revolution has create new space, and that news space has added to the ecosystem of information consumption, but that new space is nowhere even remotely close to taking over the old, wide web. China has not overtaken America. Chill, people.

Amazon and Wikipedia are not examples of a closed web. They are two flagships instead that the open web boasts of.

iPhone apps are fine but so is table tennis as a game. Does not beat soccer, though. (World Cup: Spain Deserved To Win)

Marc Andreessen: Good Ambition, Bad Ambition
Ben Horowitz: The Right Kind Of Ambition
Brad Burnham: Internet Architecture And Innovation: the architecture of the internet is changing - that the economic interests of the internet access providers are not the same as the interests of the applications developers or end users, that there is not enough competition in the local loop to provide market discipline, so without intervention, innovation on the Internet will suffer. .... protecting the original design principles of the Internet is the most efficient regulatory regime