HTML 5 And Online Video

Technology Review: The Next Stage Of Online Video Evolution: CNN and The Onion, for instance, have used it to build out their video libraries, in part because it offers new design options. "The technology is far more expressive" ..... the new Web standard lacks some features of Flash ..... Flash is much better at letting developers use digital rights management software .... a full-screen mode--the absence of which is a glaring difference between HTML5 and Flash ..... not yet fully fleshed out in HTML5 is closed captioning and subtitles via synchronized time pegs

Internet access speed is a big enough bottleneck. But the evolution to HTML 5 promises to usher in a new era for online video. Hopefully the speeds will go up too, but those are two different domains. HTML 5 is to do with programming and architecture.

But HTML 5 is not just about video, although that is where much of the noise has been. It is being said the non video aspects are actually more exciting.

And it's kinda early. HTML 5 - whatever it is - is not quite here yet.

But Adobe has Flash and Microsoft has Silverlight. It is not obvious if they are competing or parallel technologies. Smart minds have made counter claims.
Technology Review: How HTML5 Will Shake Up The Web: lesser-known features could ultimately have a much bigger impact on how users experience the Web..... ts network communications and browser storage features--could make pages load faster ...... Web Sockets provide a website with an application programming interface (API) that opens an ongoing connection between a page and a server, so that information can pass between them in real-time. ... The effect of Web Sockets is something like moving from having a conversation via e-mail to having it via instant message ..... A feature called Web Storage lets Web applications store more data inside the browser, retrieve it more intelligently .... HTML5 allows developers to embed windows of animation onto a page .... improvements in the way browsers handle forms will reduce the amount of javascript needed and speed up page loading

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