HTML 5 Browser Wars

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TechCrunch: In The Coming HTML5 Browser Wars, The Markup Should Remain The Same: On Monday, Google made a big splash with a customized Arcade Fire video page that showed off all the cool things HTML5 can do, from video, animations and 3D rendering to gorgeous fonts and choreographed windows. .... But until then, expect to see grandstanding about which browser does HTML5 better.
Google does call Chrome a "modern browser."

Innovative disruptions have to take place before standards talk can take place. We are in the early stages.

HTML 5 is when finally the browser will have left the desktop far behind. No wonder Google is so excited about Chrome and HTML 5 and all the rest.

The Chrome browser, HTML 5 and the Chrome OS notebook: that is a package deal. Windows is so yesterday.

Arcade Fire
  1. HTML5 Canvas 3D engine renders a flocking bird simulation that reacts to the music and mouse.
  2. HTML5 audio plays music and keeps track of timecode.
  3. Sequence system controls and synchronises effects and windows to the timecode.
  4. HTML5 video plays film clips in custom sizes.
  5. Choreographed windows are triggered by the music and placed relative to screen size.
  6. Map tiles are rendered, zoomed, and rotated in a scripted 3D environment.
  7. Animated sprites are composited directly over maps and Street View.
  8. 3D sky dome is used to render Street View with scripted camera control.
  9. Procedural drawing tool allows the user to create velocity influenced tree branches.
  10. Generative typeface triggered by keypress, uses an SVG path reader and individual canvas compositing for each letter.
  11. Google Maps API for fetching dynamic routes to destination and checking Street View content at points along the route.
  12. Street detection for animated trees composited dynamically in place over Street View.
  13. Color correction by combining canvas blending modes to enhance contrast and tint.

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