I Must Be Following A Lot Of People On Twitter

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Or people I follow must tweet a lot. I was just on my Twitter main page hoping to click over to my Direct Messages, but right before I clicked on to Direct Messages, I caught eye of a tweet by a woman who said something along the lines of, I love football, men wearing funny clothes, falling over each other. The tweet I thought was funny, very funny actually. Call me a Third World guy enamored by soccer and soccer alone, but I never quite got the hang of football. But by then I had already clicked on to my Direct Messages. I clicked the back button. But that does not do the trick. You are
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still on the same web address when you click on Direct Messages. So I had to click on Home. The tweet was gone, flushed downstream. I kept clicking on More, until I could not do it no more. I guess Twitter allows you to click on More only so many times. The lady and her tweet were gone, nowhere to be found. That is when I realized to follow 27,000 people is to follow a lot of people. A refresh in 10 seconds puts you on another planet.

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