Tweets And Facebook Updates: The Mumbojumbo

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TechCrunch: Searchtastic Throws Its Hat Into The Twitter Search Engine Ring What makes the search engine interesting is the ability to pull up Tweets from weeks or months ago, which Twitter’s own search engine doesn’t allow you to do. Twitter’s search currently lets you see Tweets from a week and a half back
The tweet is the atom at Twitter, the building block. The update is that building block at Facebook. But the Facebook wall is opaque. Once an update - and that includes links - goes down the wall, it is pretty much lost. Only the fresh content counts. And it should not be that way. And I have yet to come across a decent Twitter search engine. How hard can it be? Twitter hosts all the tweets on its servers. It is not like you need to send out spiders out there to forage the world wide web

You should be able to search through all your tweets and all your Facebook updates. But Facebook has never even attempted to facilitate that search. Only the fresh content counts. That is sad.

The archives are the repository, the archives matter. How about being able to search through your updates and the updates of your friends as well, or at least of those who don't mind?

Twitter Should Hand Over Search To Google

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