Google, Bing And Social Media

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Tweets And Facebook Updates: The Mumbojumbo (October 11)
Google and Bing Race to Search Social Media BusinessWeek (0ctober 21) traffic to microblogging site Twitter surged more than tenfold in the past year, while Facebook's traffic almost tripled. ...... The new Bing and Google services will index all public Twitter streams, and let users search for tweets on a specific topic right from the main search site........ without having to log into Twitter or Facebook as often. ........... ....... Microsoft also announced a deal with Facebook on Oct. 21 that will eventually incorporate Facebook users' public messages into Bing search results. ......... Microsoft runs search on Facebook while Google is responsible for search on MySpace ....... Google Audio Indexing tool already lets people search audio in YouTube videos  BusinessWeek (October 21)


This has been a long time coming.

A tweet is a basic unit, an atom. A Facebook update is like a tweet. It is an atom.

Not being able to search through them has been a problem.

You want to have access to all tweets, not just the freshest ones. You want to be able to search through an entire wall on Facebook, not just what shows up when you log in. 

Twitter Should Hand Over Search To Google

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