Jay Leno Should Go On YouTube

Jay Leno: It's Not the Tonight Show. It's, Um, the Ten-ight Show Time 9/15 Everyone's asking how well Jay will compete against CSI. I wonder if his biggest rival, in the long run, isn't YouTube.

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Comedy is not going anywhere. And Jay is funny as hell. What is being challenged is the business of television, the business of comedy on television. Jay could adapt to the business.

I say go on YouTube, produce one, and two and five minute clips. Embed ads in them. And produce a ton of the embeddable material: a Jay Leno joke on every conceivable topic that you can embed into your blog or website.

There would be a basic fee for the ads, and then a recurring fee based on how many times that particular clip got viewed.

I bet he would make more this way than doing his hourly thing on NBC.

I am suggesting ultimate fragmentation to a guy who many consider a holdover from the era of mass media. He might not like it.

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