Bing + Yahoo + Wolfram Alpha

What Wolfram Alpha Really Did This Summer: Struck A Deal With Bing. TechCrunch Google, which has a geek rivalry with Wolfram over the growing area of using structured data to improve search results. ..... Wolfram Alpha is not as approachable as Bing ...... Wolfram Alpha is the “technological equivalent of a boring uncle ...... In the end, Wolfram could have more luck licensing its data to other search engines than bringing people to its site, despite the surge in “fall traffic” Stephen Wolfram is still hoping for.
Ganging up on Google, eh?

I guess it makes sense for three small search players to gang up and see if they can dent Google's huge lead. But ultimately it is about the user experience. If Yahoo is at 20% and Bing at 10% and Wolfram Alpha at 1%, if they gang up, it is not necessarily true that the combined property will take 31% of the search market. Combined they are still but one product. And users are going to decide if they want to keep using Google for search, or they want to switch to this other product.

Bing has been more of a presentation of search results rather than core search innovation, but that still counts. And, boy, the marketing. I guess that is also innovation, just not in search.

Search is raw. There is so much room for growth and innovation. And Google knows that to be the case.

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