Space, Time And Twitter: Are There Plant Twitters?

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Imagine a newspaper or a TV station that has a bureau in every town on earth, in every capital city. Can you imagine one step further? Imagine a newspaper or network that has someone covering every human being. That is what Twitter is. And Twitter is not a newspaper or a network. Evan Williams is not my Editor In Chief. I don't report to the dude, cool as he is. I don't even report to the world. I don't report to me. It is not important to say out loud who if anyone I report to. But my thought fragments matter. They are fundamental to the social fabric of the world. I matter if or not I want to participate in the jamboree. To twitter is to say you don't need to get on TV, you don't need a microphone, you don't need a gathered audience, you don't

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need a special day, or a special moment. Every moment is special if you think it is. That is Twitter.

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What Twitter captures is the basic building block of our social reality. A tweet is an atom. The social reality already existed. Even with old media and with mainstream media, the reality still existed, and the building block was still the atom, the tweet. But now, with Twitter, we get to map that social reality, one tweet at a time.

Twitter is about power to the people where power should have been all along. I wondered o

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ut loud once in the late 1990s as to why people talk of term limits for politicians but not for the talking heads on TV. Some of them stick around for decades. And they have power over opinions.

Democracy means the political power rests with the people. Social media - it should really be one word like democracy - means the media power rests with the people.

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